The Road to Carta

  • We now offer valuation services. Carta is the largest provider of 409a valuations on the market, and a 409a valuation comes free with a subscription to the Carta platform. For Seed and Series A stage companies, a Carta subscription with a 409a is less expensive than just a 409a from a competitive provider, which makes it a no-brainer economic decision to join up early on.
  • You can now close financings on Carta. Carta raised $42MM in a Series C a couple months ago, and the financing closing process was managed entirely on the platform (as opposed to the status quo mishmash of email attachments, data rooms, scanned sig pages, PDF wire instructions, and Docusign requests).
  • Carta is the system of record for ownership in assets, so it was natural to build a document library to organize all the transactional materials that document each financing and equity issuance.
  • Compliance with security regulations is not trivial, and Carta’s ground-truth knowledge of all securities issuances put us in a great place to offer compliance solutions.
  • As the density of companies on the platform increased, it was a natural next step to build out tools for investors to manage their entire portfolio on Carta. The first step was to see a full picture of a private equity portfolio in one dashboard, and the next phase will enable automated tracking of KPIs for each company in a portfolio.
  • For companies that have achieved escape velocity and have demand for their equity that exceeds their balance sheets’ needs, Carta can help run an organized tender offers for companies powered by software.
  • The most recent stop on this road: Carta now supports equity issuance and tracking for public companies. Public companies can manage their employee equity plans on the platform, and Carta is an SEC registered transfer agent.



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Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

“Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime.” -The Nix