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Panorama Education’s New Round

Panorama Education has news today. They raised $16MM in a Series B led by Emerson Collective. Ross Jensen has joined the board from Emerson Collective, and I look forward to working with Ross, along with co-founders Aaron Feuer and Xan Tanner and the rest of the amazing Panorama team on the company’s continued mission. Panorama serves over 5 million students today, and this is just the beginning.

Panorama Education was founded with the mission that we need to look beyond just proficiency in academic subjects to understand how kids are doing in school. We need to look at the whole child; we need to motivate a love of learning and foster social-emotional growth too. Drawing from startup lessons: you cannot grow something you aren’t measuring. Panorama closes the feedback loop and allows educators to measure improvement in social-emotional learning.

If you want to see this focus in action more practically, check out Panorama’s case study with Carolina Voyager Charter School on what grit means to fourth graders. It’s a great initial step to set aside dedicated classroom time to talk about grit. But the picture is made complete by using Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning to measure strengths and areas for improvement, so grit can be improved through iterations with data-driven feedback.

Panorama started with their own ground-truth, collected from students, teachers, and parents via our research-backed surveys product. The second phase of execution on the mission was the creation of Playbook, a resource guide for taking the output of survey data and providing actionable strategies to address areas for improvement in the social-emotional learning environment of a school. Now, this new financing will help drive the third product phase in executing the company’s mission: Panorama Student Success. Student Success combines academic, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning data from a variety of sources to provide a holistic picture of each student. Student Success will significantly increase the pace of feedback, so educators can address issues and engage interventions in much tighter cycles.

I’m really excited for this next phase of product execution from Panorama Education. Panorama works with 400 school systems today, including the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), Dallas Independent School District, San Francisco Unified School District, and Long Beach Unified School District. But that’s just the beginning of their reach. Panorama’s role in the world today is more important than ever before, and I feel privileged to partner with Aaron and Xan in executing their mission.



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Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

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