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  • Rian van den Ander

    Rian van den Ander

    Data Scientist | MBA | Amsterdam — I work as a Data Scientist in a big tech firm. My passion is to use DS/ML/AI/IA to help us be better & more wholesome humans

  • Alex Clayton

    Alex Clayton

    General Partner at Meritech Capital

  • Wes McKinney

    Wes McKinney

    Craftsman of data analysis tools. Creator of pandas, @IbisData. @ApacheArrow @ApacheParquet PMC member. Wrote Python for Data Analysis. Views are my own

  • Chris Douvos

    Chris Douvos

    Dad, Investor, @yankees fan, ESFP (LOL), E Pluribus Hounum

  • Ali Rowghani

    Ali Rowghani

    I lead the Continuity Fund at YCombinator. Before joining YC, I was the COO of Twitter and the CFO of Pixar.

  • joshua schachter

    joshua schachter

    Tinkerer, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, occasional race car driver.

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Jennifer Campbell

    Venture @usv

  • Alex Gurevich

    Alex Gurevich

    Managing Director @javelinvp investor in @thumbtack @weddingtonway @hitrecord @masterclass @mythicalgames @estimote @rinse @clutter @stensul @vendigo @wheels

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