Deterministic Unissued Options Pool Calculations

  1. The pro forma cap table is now somewhat unstable and attempting to edit the wrong number at the wrong time can cause the error #REF to pop up in cells that reference around upon themselves. Hitting CTRL+Z in this state will not successfully undo the last calculation and you will have to close the doc and open a prior saved version to recover from this error. I’ve lost hours of work to this issue.
  2. Anyone that opens this spreadsheet who does not have “Iterative Calculations” enabled will see a broken spreadsheet, see a circular reference error upon loading, and will not be able to edit the sheet in any functional way until they change their preferences. It’s not a good experience for a viewer expecting to see a model that is supposed to accurately define a multi-million dollar equity financing.




“Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime.” -The Nix

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Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

“Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime.” -The Nix

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